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Our Newsletter has a printed circulation of several hundred issues. Members of IANC receive a printed copy of the Newsletter via "snail-mail" or can opt for an e-mailed copy. Our Newsletters are also available on our website.

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We are always looking for exciting, new material about Iceland to be included in our Newsletter. Send us an article! Obviously it has to be somehow related to Iceland. Send the article via e-mail and we might include it in our next circulation! (Note: We accept plain text or MS-Word document attachments)

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We accept advertisements to be included in the printed circulation as well as the web edition. The charge is $75 for a business card size advertisement in the Newsletter, per calendar year. Included is a listing in our Sponsors rotating carousel on this website. Our newsletter circulation reaches hundreds of homes! For further information on advertising in our Newsletter or on our website please contact Denise.